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Baseball & Softball Fundamentals

The attached training FUNDAMENTALS pdf is dedicated to all the great, past and present, volunteers and coaches who have given countless hours of time and effort to help our young people from the Midway community learn about and enjoy the wonderful games of Baseball & Softball!

The presentation is designed to give players, coaches and parents information on basic fundamentals of: Throwing, Fielding, Batting, Bunting, Pitching, Catching and the importance of Stretching, to enhance the skills of coaches and participants.

Please feel free to share the information as a resource for anyone that you think might benefit from it. Baseball and Softball are included together because it is the philosophy of our program that the fundamentals, except for pitching, are basically the same and may be taught (principally) in the same manner. Both games are very challenging and the skills to play at a high level demand excellent physical skills, knowledge of the total game and the technical components of each aspect of the game.

Catchers: Pitch Framing

The fine art of framing pitches.

The Benefits Of Long Toss

MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer explains the secret of his success: long toss